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    We're nestled on an 1880s homestead site at the end of a steep rocky road deep in a Missouri Ozark hollow.  Bells are tinkling on the five sheep mowing the yard, chickens are on bug patrol, a couple of goats are munching on the hillside clearing brush, and the dogs are dozing in the sun on the porch. It is serene and peaceful.


   Butch is a well-known Ozark trapper, bowyer, and hunter.  He harvests turkey and venison in season from the surrounding woods with his handmade primitive bows and knapped arrows, flintlock, and percussion guns. He is a craftsman of turkey calls and primitive archery equipment.


    Dawn is the shepherdess of five sheep:  one Rambouillet, two Shetland, and an unknown crossbreed given to her by a neighbor.  Working with the wool includes: shearing, washing (simply soaking in the FIBER WASHING BAG), carding or combing, spinning, knitting, felting or weaving.  Depending upon the project, the wool is sometimes dyed, usually with natural or vegetal dyes.  Being a botany major in college, Dawn prefers to collect and use plant materials from the local area.  Osage orange wood shavings from Butch's bow making also yield an excellent dye.

                                                 It is evening, time to go home.

Pull up a chair, sit a spell, take a look at our authentic Ozark products...



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